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One of the key advantages Schneller offers are our certifications services. Schneller is ISO-certified for ISO 9001:2015 with Design, and AS9100:2016 Revision C. Each product we manufacture is put through our rigorous certification process, and is tested extensively for flammability, toxicity, and smoke density. We ensure that they meet all necessary air travel certifications and standards, and are compliant with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. Our fire safety labs are FAA certified for:

  • OSU Heat Release Chamber, ASTM E904
  • NBS Smoke Chamber, ASTM E662
  • Toxicity testing using the colorimetric tube sampling method
  • Vertical burn
  • Horizontal burn

Product and Material Inspection Process

All of our materials are individually inspected for any imperfections. Any material that doesn’t meet Schneller standards does not ship. Once the product meets final inspection, it is rolled or cut into identical-sized sheets then shipped to the customer. Installation workshops and training sessions are available to airlines at our Kent, OH facility or at the airline manufacturing facility.

Schneller Certification Services
  • Schneller Certification Services
Schneller Certification Services

FAA Certification Services

Schneller also provides FAA certification services, including Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA). Our programs are low cost and customizable to meet each customer’s individual requirements. We make it easy for our customers to get the approvals they need with:

  • Complete project management
  • An extensive panel inventory
  • Full FAA documentation
  • A large flammability database
  • Dedicated certification team

Schneller Certification Services provide our customers with support in meeting their certification needs.  For customers who want to save time and money, our Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) programs works well. Schneller works in conjunction with our customers to determine the panel constructions of all areas to be upgraded to Schneller laminates. Then we review our database of FAA approved flammability test data to determine if additional testing is required. If testing is required, we search our panel warehouse for the required panels. If not in stock, we can have panels fabricated or use the actual parts for flammability testing. For the PMA programs, Schneller provides all aircraft research, specimen fabrication and flammability testing, which is supported by our in-house DER and DMIR.

Our PMA programs allow us to issue the FAA 8130-3 Authorized Release Document. This is useful to our customers in establishing the airworthiness of the laminates, and in some cases are used to reduce import duties. Note: the 8130-3 can only be issued for items covered by one of our PMA’s.

For airline rebranding and refurbishment projects, Schneller is authorized to issue FAA Form 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tags for PMA eligible parts to show compliance with FAA, EASA, and other international flammability, smoke, and toxicity requirements. This is necessary to avoid repercussions by local airworthiness authorities and retain the ability to return the aircraft at the end of a lease or resell the aircraft.

Our FAA certification services are ideal for customers who need product testing, and airline rebranding. Other Schneller FAA certification services include:

  • FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) support
  • FAA Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative (DMIR) support
  • Authorized Release Certificates FAA Form 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tags
  • Conformity Inspection FAA Form 8100-1
  • CFR 25.853 testing on-site
  • Similarity statements per FAA policy statement PS-ANM-25.853-01-R2
  • Flammability testing
  • Certification reports

To contact Schneller's Certification Services department, send an inquiry to

Thursday, October 24, 2019 9:21:00 AM



Schneller is the global leader in providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions and worldwide on-demand customer service for hard-surface laminates, thermoplastic sheets and non-textile floor coverings for the Aviation and Rail interiors. Schneller is proud to be a qualified supplier to all major OEM airframe manufacturers, including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Sukhoi, Mitsubishi, and others.

We work with all major commercial airlines and all major Tier 1 suppliers, and we are a preferred supplier in the Airbus NTF Selection Guide and the exclusive supplier of the Airbus A350 Canvas Catalog. We are also proud to be the Primary supplier of the Bombardier C Series.

  • Corsair
    Air Mauritius
    Sky West Airlines
    Oasis Hong Kong Airlines
    Air China
    Horizon Air
    Malaysia Airlines
    Kapco Global
    China Airlines
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    Hawaiian Airlines
    Qatar Airways
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